Sarah Robinson

Artistic field : Artist painter visual arts / Literature and publishing

I am a third generation artist, working in print media (etching, screenprint) and painting; I try to recreate forgotten or overlooked green spaces from my travels, as well as the laurentian lake our family has enjoyed since my grandparents started going in 1931.

I am a printmaker and painter. I love the process of print, the steps involved in etching make it a journey with the work as it evolves. I enjoy creating variable editions to give the plate possibility.

In paint, the journey is less process oriented, yet the work needs to sit well with brushstrokes and composition. The work is driven more from within the artist’s mind than the influence of time spent in an acid bath.

I find these seperate approaches give me different directions to evolve my ideas, in different manners. I recreate the landscapes that I find engaging. Doing so in different techniques and manners gives me a better visual language to work from.