Ruben Torrego

Artistic field : Visual Arts, Performing arts/Media Arts

With no doubt my constantly interest in knowing different cultures, people and places, I realize we’re all pretty similar, but one characteristic I notice it´s not easy to face the own guilty, shame, sins, problems or… simply, as something is not allowed, like being ugly, poor or different religion, the easy path to follow it´s hide in a parallel world where everything it´s ok, so we blame, judge or even laugh of the others when the reality it´s a mirror, where all the things we do not accept or like from ourselves are revealed in a crystal clear self reflection. I use my own kind of character a harlequin, representing everyone of us in the society, since the last year the harlequin suffer a metamorphosis leaving all the heaviness of everything behind, now he is dressed with it and face the life with the conscious of everything pass at some point, the pain could disappear but the lesson never goes away.