Gail Descoeurs

Gail Descoeurs

Artistic approach

My style of painting is contemporary realism that borders on the mystical. My favorite subject is nature, wide open spaces, places of quietude and awe and wonder.

My ideas come out of nowhere and everywhere. Dreams, my imagination, sketches from my travels, a color, a poem, a song, my photos, a run, a hike, a simple lonely tree along the highway, a storm, a feeling, a memory etc…
I am always taking photos for references only as I believe the more you know your subject the better your paintings will be and a photo can often help recall feelings once evoked. I feel an artist should always be open to new ideas and inspiration all the time.
Most of my paintings start off with an idea clearly in my mind but there are always surprises that come along the way that is when I know the painting is taking over and now having a life of its own so I go with the flow. I have done radical things to my paintings such as wiping out entire week’s work and restarting taking chances but with confidence that I can somehow save my painting still.

Nature hikes, runs, cross country skiing, sailing, cycling, travelling and more provide inspiration that energize my creativity, “my muse”!! If I go too many days without being creative my “muse” gets very restless.

I am definitely a studio painter, where the environment , is controlled despite my love for the outdoors. The few times that I have ventured outdoors to paint I always came back home with more adventure stories than paintings.


Artist Gail Descoeurs was born in Montreal in 1962 and was introduced to painting by her father at the age of 17. Gail is predominately self-taught and throughout her early career as an artist she supported herself by pursuing a career in mechanical drafting.

Gail derives inspiration from the power of nature and she is moved by the different feelings that nature evokes. Her depiction of the natural world is at once bold and precise, yet serene and contemplative. Utilising realist qualities she reveals the perfect stillness in nature as timeless and ever powerful. Evoking memories, dreams and imagination her paintings create an ambience of profound peace in the magnificent detail of our natural environment.

Gail has been painting as a professional since 2006 and is rapidly gaining recognition for her timeless artwork that borders on the mystical. She resides in the countryside to stay close to nature where she feels at peace and inspired every day.

“I feel very grateful and privileged to be an artist, teaching and painting full time. It has allowed me to pause to delight and appreciate the simple joys of everyday life, which in turn enables me to truly live.”